The 'verse

Magic, mystic and mayhem- the univserse of my stories are interlinked. This fictional universe takes elements of Indian Mythology and intertwines them into amazing and fast pace story arcs. Some of the characters that populate this universe are enlisted below

The Runner

If you have never met the Runner, you probably are one of those people who live a fulfilling life. Have kids, play it safely till retirement and then wait for death. Not runner, nope. He has met Death, twice by some account, messed with God's, raced from stone age to the future and is running forever since the beginning of time. Runner is the messenger for those who did not want their messages to be read by Government, Gods and Ghouls. Extremely resourceful with the knack of escaping the law, bullets and even death, twice so far. All his adventures begin and end with one conclusion. He is mysterious.


Fortune favours the bold and brave, they say but not for Agatya. The fearless man who walks the gate of hell, knocks on the doors of monsters and yet guilt ridden over a lot of wrong choices. Follow the journey of the first man born in Kalyug as he struggles to fulfil his promise made to Krishna during Mahabharata. 
Agatya is being converted into a graphic novel to be published by Fablery in winter 2014

Trisha (Also known as Halahal) 

Born out of harrasement of a village fued, Trisha underwent a very deep phychological and physical change. After burning down her entire village she went ahead to turn into the greatest mercenary out there. She is a hero or a villian depending on what is larger, her mood or money.

Dharma (Also known as Death)

Literally the crude form of modern Dharmaraj, the one God that refuses to break rules. Watch him take multiple form to add a bit spice to his job.

The Space Pirate

A brave spaceship pilot journeying across space and time to have an adventure of his lifetime. 

The Professor

Enter the mad world of the Professor as he tries to destroy the world more than once. 


The smartest thief on the planet, stealing things that he shouldn't.

God Series

 A mad man try to take down God in this epic short story series.


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