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[Novel] Ragnarok- The book

Ragnarok is a work of fiction released in 2015. The story is a science fiction with a cynical satirical look at the modern civilization and satire. It is a thought exercise of what will happen when ultimate power is within the grasp of human beings. The book released in August 2015 by Half Baked Beans publishers. Cover Reveal |  Synopsis |  Buying Links | Teaser |  Meet the Characters |  Download Preview | Facebook  | Twitter
Cover Reveal
Ragnarok- Synopsis A patient, with no memory of his past, is admitted in a hospital by a world-famous psychiatrist. A sinister, secret society comprising of scientists and inventors have an agenda to stop the patient form getting his memory back. They will stop at nothing. As a doctor, she has to outwit some of the smartest men on the planet to save her helpless patient and at the same time, find out who he really is. Who is this patient? Why are such powerful men after his life? What does his memory hold? The answer to these questions lie buried deep…

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