Ragnarok Preview + The Fixer- Short Story

“Nothing is yours. It is to use. It is to share. If you will not share it, you cannot use it.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed

Giving is better than receiving. Nevertheless, sharing is much better. Ragnarok is now available for your purchase online, before you buy it, however, you would want to know what is in the book. Here I am giving you the taster for Ragnarok, that includes the Prologue and First Three Chapters of the book is a FREE downloadable package. In a tradition of giving more, also included in this package is a story NOT included in the original book. A sort of prequel called 'The Fixer', a short story of what happened before Ragnarok began.

You can download the whole preview bundle from the link below


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