The height of blogging…. literally!!!

The plan for my first plan journey began with something like this- my boss in Delhi wanted me there in office urgently. He issued a flight ticket for the capital. My mind screamed with ecstasy as this would not only be an all expense paid trip to Delhi, it will also be the shortest journey back to an office.

The first thought that actually came into my mind was that of 9/11 and the next one was from the plane in the final destination movie. None of them helped me with the anxiety as I stood in the line, holding a cup of coffee, to board the flight 212 from SpiceJet.

As the plane took off, giving a light bump and disturbing my anxiety for a nano second, I couldn't help but wonder what exactly are the safety provisions if something goes wrong in this? Before the landing, the air hostess did give a demonstration and explain about the safety but they mentioned nothing about sky diving or free-fall for that matter.

As the plane ascended at 37,000 feet, slowly, the anxiety died down and I actually took a peep outside the window. And the view outside was majestic!! For a brief moment, I could feel my eyes stretched, my eyebrows hiked and my mouth curled to mumble the word-'Wow!'

Sitting in a giant metal tube, hallmarked with human engineering we are trespassing in the abode of God and asserting our dominance on the sky. My train of thoughts was disturbed by a beep to grab my attention. The aircraft crew shamelessly announced that they will be starting the food service. Still apprehensive about the food prices and the quality.

As the heavy makeup glad woman rolled out the tray of food, I somehow missed the unhealthy food I gorged on in the trains so far. By this time on the train, I would have consumed a lot of vada pav and then hogged on the chicken curry with veg biryani on the Daund railway station (I refuse to call the abomination they sell as Chicken biryani). As I dug into the costly and warm veg sandwich, the prospect of eating delicious momos from the atta market in the evening kept my spirits high.

As the plane lightly turned, I remembered the final moment in the Matrix Revolution and the real reason Neo was fighting for. This view outside the window is worth fighting the machines for. The air hostess returns with all the fake smile she could muster to pick up the trash from the sandwich. Her colleague offers me a free bottle of water when the middle-class mind inside me screams with joy. The idea that you get a free bottle of water at a high altitude made me do the one unthinkable thing every middle-class person does- kept ordering it.

As the water entered the system, it was now looking for an outlet. Such in the state of one's mind is that the moment I stood from the seat, the PA system beeped and the pilot called to my attention, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated fasten your seatbelts. No one will be allowed to use the washrooms!!!!’ Damm you middle-class mind.

With heavy heart and a heavy bladder, I fastened my seat belt, shrinking in the seat, hoping beyond hope that the landing anxiety does not hit and the carefully controlled bladder does not burst up.